Mariagiovanna Russo - Redattrice
Damiano Rizzi - Direttore
AlbertoScaramuzza - Development & Sales

Il team

the editorial staff

The editorial staff of the tourist information magazine “un Ospite di Venezia”, for more than forty years the only complete pocket free guide available to tourists who want to discover events in the city

Damiano Rizzi

Editor-in-chief of the magazine, journalist and publicist for over 30 years following the art keeping in contact with museums, institutions and dealing with the art exhibitions and events section

Giovanna Russo

Editor editor deals with the head of the music pages and assists the Director in choosing the events to be included. He also follows all the administrative part and relations with the suppliers of the magazine a Guest from Venice.

Alberto Scaramuzza

since 2001 he has become part of the magazine and takes care of the graphic part, the structure of the website and relations with customers.

The Guide a guest of Venice has always been a means of effective information on events in the city


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